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In a post on social media that was made shortly after noon East Coast time, police in Lufkin, a southeast Texas town where the incident occurred a week ago , said they would pursue charges against the year-old teen but punishment would occur in juvenile court and she would not be charged as an adult in connection with the incident. Because under Texas law she is considered a juvenile, police declined to release her identity.

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Tweet Photo: Getty Images Last week, a Texas woman went the worst kind of viral after a video showing her allegedly opening and licking a carton of Blue Bell ice cream and then returning it to a Walmart freezer made its way around the internet. On Friday, the Lufkin Police Department announced that it had identified the woman in the video and, as she is under 17, the department declined to release her name.

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But many don't. A viral video has hundreds of people across social media wondering why all ice cream pints and tubs don't come with an extra layer of protection. A video posted to Twitter last Monday purportedly shows a young woman in a grocery store freezer aisle opening a large container of Blue Bell ice cream and then taking a big lick off the top.

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