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Email The other day a curious question was presented to me: Many women shave their vaginas, so should their hairy-balled boyfriends shave their junk in solidarity? Does shaving your balls make you a better feminist?

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The pube-free penis. Or, as I prefer to call it and to stay with the Christmas theme — the freshly plucked turkey.

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Of course, it does. When you manage trees, grass, shrubbery, and growth correctly, you can enhance an aesthetic and make a property look bigger. There is nuance to this art of manscaping, and you need to understand a few things before you go grab any old razor and try to answer the age-old question of: Does shaving your pubes make your penis look bigger?

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Trimming First, dampen your pubic hair for at least five minutes. Use sharp scissors or haircutting shears to trim. Be careful around delicate penile or scrotal skin.

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Before You Begin Shaving Your Genitals Set Up Your Workspace If you're using a manual razor, a bathtub is the most ideal location, because you can: Easily stabilize your your body, back, and hands against the surface of the tub, preventing any slippage. Soak in warm water before you begin shaving to help soften the hair and skin.

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