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I had expressed interest in playing football, but my parents had wanted me to take some form of self-defense classes and threw me into the United Studios of Self Defense — a mixture of Kung-fu and Shaolin Kempo Karate. Throughout the 10 years I spent doing martial arts, I saw many people from every walk of life come and go, but most of the concrete figures in the dojo were men.

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Allison Miller I have had an incredibly rewarding career in manufacturing for 4 years. My clients are in a variety of industries, from a fastener manufacturer that develops the nuts and bolts that are necessary to hold your car, refrigerator and every day devices together, to an advanced 3D metal printing client that regularly collaborates with NASA and Oak Ridge National Laboratories. I take pride in the fact that the work that I do really matters.

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LollyDaskal Getty Images The news of the past year--with near-daily stories of sexual harassment and assault, gender inequality, and other issues affecting women in the workplace--has reinforced the fact that, however far women have come, we still live in a male-dominated world. We see the need for change in countries around the world and in virtually every field and industry. Good as it is that so many stories validating women's experience are coming to light, that's just the first step.

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By Chase Amante Dominance is a touchy topic. It's positively loaded with cultural baggage - in the West, we're averse to both the idea of being dominant over others and of others being dominant over us. It has all kinds of ill-favored connotations that most would rather just avoid.

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Despite success in the classroom, some female engineering students feel there is still work to be done for female representation. Of these nearly 30, students, 17, are men and 12, are women. As shown in the figures below, women enrollment is almost equal to or greater than male enrollment; the one exception to this is the engineering college. In the College of Engineering, there are 6, enrolled males and 1, enrolled females.

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