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Do I need to shave my pubic hair before having sex? Picture: Pixabay It can be challenging for girls and women to learn how to relate to their bodies because there are so few resources available to adequately guide us. Before we get any further, I want to clarify that pubic hair grows on and around your vulva, not the vagina.

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Tweet Photo by Marcel via Stocksy Like many studies before it, a new study claims that most women mess with their pubic hair in some way. Yet what the study found out about why is fairly surprising. The study, published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association , examined data collected from a survey of women who were asked to share information about how they groom down there.

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Some prefer a natural bush, while others like to shave clean. If you want to shave yours or your partner's pubic area, here's how: First, decide how much you want to shave.

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Together, they cited information from 5 references. Learn more Some people, including both men and women, don't enjoy having hair on their genitals. This is completely normal, but if you've never shaved this area before, read down below to see the safest way to complete this task.

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Share There's so much fuss these days about pubic hair, who can keep track of all the trends? Bald is in, bush is back, and do you remember the bejeweled vagina trend? When picking a pubic coiffure, bear mind that there are some reasons sex is better when you don't shave down there.

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