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I thought the sex was good for us both, but when we finish she tells me to shower. I wondered why, and now I know — she masturbates. She has done it multiple times; I think she is insatiable.

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By Bryanne Salazar Jan 5, Designed by Megan Tatem I love sex , but if I had to choose between touching myself and letting my husband do it for me, more often than not, I'm going solo. After nearly 20 years of marriage, I have no reservations about owning what I want and how I want it in the bedroom, and doing it on my own when necessary. But owning this fact about myself was no easy feat.

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And then I'd be disciplined, which meant no release again for an indefinite amount of time. There was no way for me to win. So I closed my eyes and tried to settle in for the long haul, hoping for the best.

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That alternate world I'd felt like I was in earlier. It had moved into this room. There was only Chris and I. Nothing else-no one else-existed.

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