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Evolution, or Evo, is the biggest fighting game tournament in the world. The main event takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada every summer, but for the last couple of years the Evo team has been bringing its same bombastic, large-scale fighting game tournament design to Japan in a separate event. At that event there are tournaments for a range of games where the best players from around the world compete — and it all kicked off earlier today. A pretty typical part of Evo is that gaming companies will take over the stage or stream for a while to demo upcoming products.

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MUST WATCH Mitsubishi apologizes for WWII atrocities During the final years of the Pacific campaign, the Zero was also adapted for use in "kamikaze" operations -- or suicide missions -- when pilots would fly their bomb-laden planes directly into Allied ships in an attempt to cripple the enemy fleet. This is my last service to my country. They had families. They had children.

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Character[ edit ] Characteristics and portrayal[ edit ] According to the SNK universe's early canon , Mai Shiranui was born on January 1, , though the year was later omitted due to the sliding timescale of the games. She has been madly in love with Andy Bogard , an American who studied the arts Shiranui ninjutsu with her grandfather Hanzo, since her and Andy's early teens. She deeply cares for her nation's and family's traditions, including battle outfits and ceremonial clothing, as well as having learned archery , calligraphy , koto playing, and performing the tea ceremony and the flower arrangement ar t.

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