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Non-consenting persons Homosexuality and non-heterosexuality[ edit ] Homosexuality , now widely accepted to be a normal variant of human sexuality, was at one time discussed as a sexual deviation. Originally coded as x63, homosexuality was the top of the classification list Code Martin Kafka writes, "Sexual disorders once considered paraphilias e. The research then concluded that the data seemed to suggest paraphilias and homosexuality as two distinct categories, but regarded the conclusion as "quite tentative" given the current limited understanding of paraphilias.

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Beyond this, in this same bulletin, Hubbard states that pain and sex are both "invented tools of degradation" by "destructive creatures" with the intention "to shrink people and cut their alertness, knowingness, power and reach". According to Jeffrey S. Siker in Homosexuality and Religion, this was within the mainstream of opinion at the time.

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Home Bumps and Babies From bump rubbing to cravings: mothers share their weirdest behaviour From bump rubbing to cravings: mothers share their weirdest behaviour April 6, by Ilona Tar From pickling vegetables to rubbing bumps, we've been talking to mums about their weird and wonderful pregnancy behaviour How do you feel about a friend, family, child or even a stranger, rubbing your pregnant tummy without asking? Does it make you cringe with horror or tingle with delight? From four months pregnant, here in Singapore , my belly starting sticking out, and I exaggerated this by sticking it out even further.

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