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On the other hand, physique and bodybuilding athletes will be barefoot. The attire for bikini athletes is likely to have very low-cut, separate two-piece bikini.

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By Madison Flager Feb 5, It happens to the best of us: We see an Instagram picture of someone from high school, nearly naked and looking strong as hell, and pause. Thirty minutes later, we've scrolled months back on their page, engrossed in a world of meal-prep containers, gym workouts, and show days. Bodybuilding competitions are incredibly popular right now, with some 15, women competing in National Physique Committee competitions alone every year. The NPC is the country's largest organization for amateur bodybuilders; competitors have to start there before moving onto the big leagues, known as the IFBB.

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Bodybuilding Fitness All five are different, but they all require sculpting and developing your body with weight training , nutrition , and cardio. Whichever division you set your sights on, your success will require enormous amounts of effort, determination, and persistence. Here's a rundown of the women's physique sports, from the smaller bodies to the more developed, to help you decide which division is right for you.

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