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Yet the words he spoke when he was alive rings true in today's day and age. I have collected a few below as well as my thoughts on them.

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Go to permalink As much as we love science fiction and fantasy here, we have to admit they have a limited range. Or do they? What are your favorite stealth genre shows? Look at all the media that is out there to cater to us.

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I tried to keep an open mind, I really did, but the first sentence that goes a little something like "and then we ate some freeze-dried meatloaf" or "you walk through this portal to get to the next planet" and my mind just slams firmly shut in a stunning display of superiority and snobbery. I guess my main beef with stupid science fiction is that the authors' imaginations are always so limited. Space travel quickly becomes a bore: the aliens always look vaguely like humans, but maybe their skin is green, or their craniums are disproportionately large as if all intelligent creatures are humanoid by default!

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So, rather than just a list of bad movies, this is a list of bad movies that had no excuse: movies by respected filmmakers, or from major studios. Movies with box office stars, or sequels to other movies that were great.

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