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The other cats pick on them. They have their hair for a reason. It helps protect them.

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I can try to find you a new pan. " "No.

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I-" "You're engaged?" I blinked at the rock on her left ring finger. Looked up at her then down again. I was happy for her.

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He took over the physical labor part of his dad's landscaping business when his old man retired. Pete has run it all ever since.

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All of it culminated in me being a little on the cranky side when I crawled out of bed Thursday morning. To add insult to injury, I found the kitchen a mess and Jolie and Dirk making out-possibly more-on the couch.

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They're not happy with their current guy who takes care of their plants and shrubs. " I licked my lips, trying to wiggle my legs apart when he lifted up and adjusted his body. "What are you going to do?" "I want to accept. I don't think I should pass up an opportunity like this.

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