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Gameplay[ edit ] Dynasty Warriors 9 is a hack and slash game played from a third-person perspective with stealth elements. The game revamps the gameplay of the series with the introduction of the open world environment. A traversable map of China is implemented which the player can freely roam on foot, horseback or boat, the game focuses on livable environments such as cities and towns as well as places where large battles take place.

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Home from Home by Ziggurat Rolsovitch The story of a little known farmer who was given the chance of a lifetime. From peasant to General in the Shu army. A timeless hero that proves that anyone can achieve greatness no matter who you are or where you come from. A fierce warrior with a gentle heart.

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Characters[ edit ] The Dynasty Warriors game series, although referenced to factual people, is known for changing the traditional ways of how some of the historical characters were depicted in Romance of the Three Kingdoms or in historical records. For example, Zhang He appears to be more feminine while Wei Yan becomes a bestial tribal warrior, while historical accounts depict both to be relatively normal generals with no outstanding characteristics such as these. Some of them also wield weapons that are anachronistic , such as Ling Tong 's nunchaku and Sun Ce 's tonfas. A touch of mysticism is also added, as some characters such as Zhuge Liang , Sima Yi and Zuo Ci have the ability to use magic in their attacks.

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When certain conditions are met, players can unlock bonus stages within the main story branch, save a character from certain death, or gain a tactical advantage. These changes culminate in hypothetical story routes for the Three Kingdoms and Jin. Other characters have unique stories again, and their stages can be unlocked by clearing maps from other factions.

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A wealth of stuff to do and unlock Mowing down the opposition in droves Cons Combat is repetitive as ever PS4 version doesnt take advantage of the more powerful hardware Not enough new content to justify a double dip There are three certainties you can count on in life: death, taxes, and Dynasty Warriors. The famous button-mashing hack-n-slasher is known less for its innovation between titles and more for releasing a new, slightly upgraded edition every handful of months. The latest iteration in the series is deep breath Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition--and regardless if you've played any game in the series up to this point, it proves to be a shallow yet mindlessly fun action experience.

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Dynasty warriors mature stories