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Asian pear harvest

Barbara Pleasant Of all the tree fruits we grow, my favorites are the Asian pears. The small trees top out at only 12 to 20 feet m tall, making them easy to maintain. Plus, they always make a good crop. Sometimes called Nashi pears or apple-pears, crisp and juicy Asian pears are delicious fresh, and even better when dried into sweet, chewy morsels.

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Basic types of pears There are 3 main types of pears: European fall pears, that do not need a storage period before they are ready to use, such as Bartlett, Clapp Favorite, and Orcas, Earopean winter pears, that will not mature properly unless they are given a resting period in cold storage immediately after picking, such as Bosc, Comice, and Highland, Asian Pears, which do not need a storage period before they are ready to use. How to tell if the pears are ripe!

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Articles Updated: July 12, Asian pears have a distinct but pear-like taste and a crisp texture, much like a good apple. Many Asian pear varieties also have an apple-like shape, and this combination of taste, texture, and shape causes many people to refer to them as "apple pears. They do not have the buttery flesh of European pears. Their skin is often russetted.

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Selected References Introduction Asian pears comprise a large group of pears that are crisp in texture and, when mature, are good to eat as soon as harvested or for several months after picking if held in cold storage. This ready-to-eat feature may make them more acceptable to some people than European pears that are usually served when soft and juicy, which takes about a week to occur after removal from cold storage. Asian pears do not change texture after picking or storage as do European pears such as Bartlett or Comice.

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