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Asian burger recipe

This is a new caliber of burger. I just competed in a burger challenge and our team came up with the idea to emulate The Karate Kid and made a Mr. Miyagi style burger. No waxing needed.

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The inspiration for this burger came from one of my favorite meatballs to make, both the meatball and the burger are gluten free and really, really good! You may want to make a little extra. Typically I grill burgers, however for this burger, the crispy char is what makes it extra good, so I cooked it in a pan. I gave it a good coating of the glaze, topped with some slaw and before I knew it…my son had ran off with the burger I was trying to shoot!

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Topped with an asian slaw and a sweet chili lime mayo you will never go back to boring burgers again! It is starting to warm up out there and you know what that means. It is time to fire up the grill!!

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The coolness of the balls from the Jacob's Ladder sent a little shiver from my leg all the way up my spine. The tremors continued while he ran both hands back and forth across my skin. On top, on the outside, the inside.

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That's what it was. It had to be. Because I felt.

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The rocking became more pronounced. I had to bite my lip to stop my whimpers when his finger stroked deeper between my legs.

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"Pete and I became friends after being in the same study group for biology my spring semester. We hung out at his parents' house quite a bit. They were cool.

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