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Home made deer mineral licks

There are countless mineral supplements for sale these days… mineral blocks, mineral rocks and minerals in powder form. We want to help you learn how to make your own deer mineral recipe, so that you can not only make a product that will help you have a healthier deer herd, but be able to do it without breaking the bank. Does need it just as much. When the does are pregnant, start to produce milk and lactate for the fawns that will be born, they need extra calcium.

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They know that deer typically begin using supplemental minerals around spring green-up and continue until early fall. Surely, the knee-deep depressions in the soil caused by repeated years of mineral supplementation are evidence of deer need, correct? Maybe, or maybe not. Growing antlers are composed mostly of proteins 80 percent by weight ; whereas hardened antlers contain roughly equal amounts of proteins and minerals.

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About J. Wayne Fears Man-Made Mineral Licks One of the most asked questions we have received lately relates to salt or mineral licks at or near a food plot. Many readers have read of natural salt licks used by hunters in the colonial era, and want to know how to find these naturally occurring licks. Others want to know how to establish a mineral lick in or adjacent to their food plots.

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Sign Me Up! Have you ever wondered why deer hammer mineral licks in the warm-weather months more than any other time of year? Deer, during this time of year, are actively searching for it. This is also why mineral licks make excellent trail camera spots in the summer.

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By: Matt Harper July 17, The best deer mineral program is one that features variety and consistency. Here are some deer mineral recipe tips and tactics to get your whitetails as healthy as they can be. Supplemental minerals may be beneficial to deer and the sites are great places for camera surveys. Have you ever traveled through western Kansas?

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